Our HSE policy aims at establishing ASM LLC as one of the leaders in occupational health, safety and protection of the environment.

We believe that a positive HSE record is an integral part of the quality of services offered to the client.

HSE PolicyQuality Policy

A Story of Commitment and Continuous Improvement

ASM recognizes that healthy and motivated employees are its most valuable assets. Due to the importance of HSE implementation, this department reports directly to the management.

We believe that optimal HSE implementation can be achieved only when the workforce is convinced of its benefits. Awareness campaigns are conducted at work sites and in HSE events involving the entire workforce.

All employees undergo an in house training on Basic First Aid, Heat Stress Management, Working at height, Safe Excavation, Detection of live cables, Housekeeping and Electrical Safety.The HSE department conducts frequent site inspections and provides refresher training in order to reinforce basic HSE concepts.

Third party HSE training is provided to employees based on specific client requirements.

ASM is committed to maintaining an impeccable HSE record and strives to improve HSE implementation continuously.